ARD JR 3 Phase

True On-Line, Double Conversion
VFI – SS – 111
10 – 20 kVA


– Industrial equipment
– Elevator Sector
– Automation and control systems

  • Technology True On-Line Double Conversion Technology provides perfect output voltage parameters, regardless of the input voltage and the load.
  • Rectifier IGBT the most advanced technology which provides very load THDi and high power factor.
  • Automatic bypass provides continuous load supply in critical conditions, such as overheating or inverter failure.
  • Maintenance bypass enables service handling without necessity of shutting off the load.
  • Communication:
    – USB, Intelligent slot to monitor and manage the operation of the power supply and receivers,
    – DryContact alarm indicators; work with BMS system
    – SNMP integration with systems management network NMS.
  • Remote emergency power off (REPO) provides remote shutting off the load and UPS in the case of emergency.
  • Emergency power off (EPO) on UPS provides very quickly shutting off the load and UPS.
  • LCD control panel displays UPS and power parameters as well as hundreds of useful information.
  • Small dimensions requires small area for unit operation.
  • High efficiency (>96%) reduces heat dissipation and limits power consumption costs.
  • ECO-Mode gives possibility of significant cost reduction and in practice stops heat emission.
  • Automatic diagnostics and fully digital control (2x 32bit DSP) ensure that components and parameters are controlled without user interference.
  • High input power factor 0,99 reduces the value of current drawn from the mains.
  • The highest output power factor up to 1,0 allows load of versatile characteristics to be powered.
  • Wide input voltage range for normal mode ensures that batteries are used only if necessary – in fact, only when the input voltage is completely lost.
  • Wide input frequency range for normal mode gives possibility for seamless operation with different power sources – as mains or the generating set.
  • Simple maintenance microprocessor control and 24/7 operation mode means that unit does not require specialized handling.
  • Advanced battery management gives reliability of optimal charging and using batteries, elongates its lifetime and reduces operating costs.
  • Excellent voltage quality is provided by 3level IGBT inverter ad high frequency PWM technology, the output voltage has always stable parameters independent of input disturbances and the load characteristics.
  • Advanced software provides to customer full control of unit and load.
  • User configurable settings enable user to set nominal voltages, frequency, preferred operating modes.
  • Redundancy configurations:
    – parallel for capacity or redundancy
    – Hot Standby
ModelJR 10JR 15JR 20
Power10 kW / 10 kVA15 kW / 15 kVA20kW / 20 kVA
No. Of phases IN : OUT3:3
Voltage380 / 400 / 415 VAC
Voltage range-53% ÷ +30%
Frequency50 / 60 Hz
Frequency range-20% ÷ +20%
Input power factor≥0,99
Voltage380 / 400 / 415 VAC
Power factor1,0
Voltage regulation static/dynamic±1% / ±2%
THDu linear / not linear load<1% / <3%
Frequency50 / 60 ± 0,05 Hz
Overload capacity inverter110% – 60 min., 125% – 10 min., 150% – 60 s, >150% – 300 ms
Overload capacity bypass125% – continuous, 130% – 10 min., 150% – 1 min., >150% – 300 ms
Shot-circuit resistance340% value of nominal current for 200 ms
Efficiency in On-Line mode/Eco mode>96% / 99%
Crest factor3:1
Cold startYes
Amount of batteries in string16 – 20 pcs x 12 V32 – 40 psc x 12 V
Max amount of internal batteries40 pcs of 7/9 Ah
Max charger current12A
Charging time3 – 8 hours up to 90% of capacity (configurable)
Weight and dimensions
Dimensions (W x D x H)250 x 627 x 827 mm
Weight44 kg47 kg
Working indicatorLCD + indicators LED, sound alarm
CommunicationUSB , IntelligentSlot, EPO, parallel work
Option: SNMP, DryContact, Modbus, RS232, RS485
Noise level<58 dB @ load. 100%, <52 dB @ load. 50%
Operating temperature0°C ÷ 40°C
Recommended operating temperature15°C ÷ 25°C
Storage temperature-20°C ÷ 40°C
Humidity0 ÷ 95% (without condensing)
StandardsEN 62040-2:2005, EN 62040-2:2006
SafetyIEC62040-1-1, CE, 62040-3 :2001
– Uninterruptible external maintenance bypass
– SNMP card
– Environment Sensor
– ModBus card
– Battery Cold Start
– Parallel card
– DryContact card

In the publication are given standard parameters of our models. Due to continuous product improvement, we reserve the right to change parameters without prior notice.


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