Cressall Resistors Power Prove Dual AC & DC Load Bank

Key features

Designed to test a wide range of electrical supplies from batteries to uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and standby generators.
DUAL30 ROUGH cut out grey.png

Testing flexibility

The ability to test power sources producing either AC or DC with the same unit makes the DUAL30 is a very adaptable piece of test equipment. Test at 120V tor 240V either 1-phase AC or DC.

Quick setup

Easy connection to the supply under test using bolted stud connections. The power connections are located to the back of the control panel so that operators can stand comfortably in front of the load bank without tripping over cables.


The four heavy duty castors, three handles and a compact form factor make this unit easy to move close to the supply under inspection. In addition, the width of just 500mm makes it easy to move the unit through building doorways.

Power measurement

The DUAL30 includes analogue voltmeter and ammeter, providing easy to read real-time measurements. In addition, panel mounted banana sockets permit external logging of current.

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