Magnetek IMPULSE Series 4 Crane Controls

Magnetek’s IMPULSE Series 4 drives, including the IMPULSE G+ and the IMPULSE VG+, provide the most reliable adjustable frequency crane controls available.


The low horsepower (kW) IMPULSE•G+ Mini is our easiest to program drive to date, with user-friendly standard programming for basic applications and advanced programming capability for high performance environments.

The IMPULSE•G+ Mini is designed with an expanded kW range and an identical dimensional footprint as the IMPULSE®•P3 Series 2 (up to 4kW) and a smaller footprint beyond 4kW. All this, plus assured reliability and lower cost make the IMPULSE•G+ Mini Adjustable Frequency Crane Control the product of choice for your overhead material handling needs.


Available in ½ through 15kW in 380-480V or ¼ through 15kW in 200-240V three phase ratings. This allows the user to select the most cost-effective product for low kW applications through Class D service. Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology provides energy savings compared to traditional contactor technology.


This option reduces the depth of the drive by as much as 45%. Finless capacities are available in 230-460V ½ through 4kW. Consult factory on the suitability of the flat heat sink design for your application. IMPULSE•G+ Mini can also be purchased as part of a complete pre-engineered complete control panel.


Load Check II™ continuously detects hoist overload conditions, halting upward motion and only allowing the load to be lowered. Load Check II continuously monitors the hook load, both during acceleration and constant speed, eliminating the need for load cells in most applications. It provides an auto-setup function which defines the hoist’s maximum hook load in seconds. With these control advancements, the drive no longer pauses for tests unless rated capacity is approached, providing increased productivity.


Safe Torque Off provides a redundant hardware safety circuit that guarantees motor and brake power are removed when an E-STOP switch or safety controller opens the drive input, eliminating the need for external disconnects. This functionality is provided in a safety category 3 architecture and designed to PLd and SIL CL2 according to ISO/EN 13849-1 and IEC/EN 62061 respectively, meeting the requirements of IEC/EN 61508.


Adaptive Ultra-Lift™ allows for hoist operation above base speed with a light load or empty hook. Adaptive Ultra-Lift continuously monitors motor torque and adjusts motor speed to operate at peak performance, improving plant safety and maximizing throughput. For example, motor speed can now be increased automatically when a magnet releases a load or gear ratios change with overwrapping drums.


Brake Test verifies brake torque with the press of a button, capturing breakaway torque with a monitor parameter on the keypad. This valuable tool determines the condition of the brake so you can perform preventative maintenance and quickly commission the crane.


Anti-Shock automatically stabilizes loads by detecting and minimizing rapid increases in motor torque, thus reducing the potential for crane damage caused by operator induced load shock.


Quick-Set™ is provided by the easy-to-use keypad and X-Press Programming™ so you get up and running right away. X-Press Programming automatically configures several commonly used parameters and features when a control method, motion, or speed reference is selected.


Safe Lifting features are built right in, including Torque Proving, which confirms the motor is providing enough torque to safely lift a load prior to releasing the brake. Torque Limiting prevents the crane from performing a lift that could overload the motor and cause mechanical fatigue. Brake Integrity Check tests the primary and emergency brakes to ensure they are mechanically capable of holding the load.


Option Cards provide the drive flexibility needed with expandable AC digital input and output, DC digital and analog input and output option cards. Simplify automation and diagnostics integration with our Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP/IP, and PROFIBUS-DP option cards. The new control power supply option maintains diagnostic, I/O and communications when main power is disconnected from the drive.


IMPULSE•Link Diagnostic System – maximizes the efficiency of your drive by providing easy parameter management right on your PC. IMPULSE•Link can communicate with up to 31 drives locally or wirelessly, allowing drive diagnostics, monitoring, and programming.


IMPULSE•G+ drives are compatible with 50HZ voltage making them available for use in all European countries. IMPULSE drives are also CE rated when used with an EMC filter, which comes standard on all drives sold in Europe.

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