Disturbances in an electrical network

Power quality: the electrical network's or the grid's ability to supply a clean and stable power supply

High power quality ideally creates a perfect power supply that is always available, has a pure noise-free, sinusoidal wave shape, and is always within voltage and frequency tolerances within the G5/4-1 / G5/5,  IEEE519IEC61000 and the standards on ship and land installations.

With increasing and varying energy demands from various industrial processes, many loads regularly impose disturbances on the grid, making deviations from ideal conditions a frequent occurrence in many heavy industries. This is known as poor power quality. (Learn More)

The power within any grid is usually flawed to some extent. The result? Equipment underperformance, breakdowns, and energy losses—just to name a few issues!

Improving power quality reduces risk, improved efficiency & capacity, extend your equipment lifespan, fewer malfunctions of your equipment, reduced production downtime and improved fire safety of your equipment .

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