Motor Reactors

The use of fast-switching power semiconductors increases the problems associated with operating three-phase A.C. motors at the frequency inverter. Motor reactors provide basic protection for this between the frequency inverter and motor. Differences in voltage are smoothed while the insulation strength and lifetime of the winding wires in the motor are improved. The motor is also protected by reducing the edge steepness. Motor reactors ensure increased power quality in the overall drive system through the positive impact on electromagnetic compatibility with other system components.

◼︎ Reduction in edge steepness
◼︎ Reduction in high frequency harmonics
◼︎ Motor insulation protection
◼︎ Increase in motor lifetime

General Data
  •  For motor rated output 0.75 – 30 kW
  •  Insulation class B
  •  Inductance 2.55 – 0.10 mH
  •  Rated frequency from 0 to 50 Hz
  •  For switching frequencies of 3 to 8 kHz
  •  Rated current 2.5 – 61.0 A
  •  Rated voltage 3 x 400 Vac
  •  Degree of protection IP 00
  •  Maximum ambient temperature 40 °C
  •  Very good corrosion protection and low noise thanks to vacuum impregnation
  •  High damping of edge steepness
  •  High damping of inverter switching frequency
  •  Reduction of leakage current at low construction volumes
  •  Long shielded cable lengths possible
  •  High efficiency
  •  Output reactor for frequency converter
    DIN EN 61558-2-20, IEC 61558-2-20
 VersionRated voltageRated currentfor motor rated output approx.
 MR3 400/2,53 x 400 Vac2.5 A0.75 kW
 MR3 400/43 x 400 Vac4 A1.10 kW
 MR3 400/63 x 400 Vac6 A2.20 kW
 MR3 400/83 x 400 Vac8 A3.00 kW
 MR3 400/103 x 400 Vac10 A4.00 kW
 MR3 400/133 x 400 Vac13 A5.50 kW
 MR3 400/183 x 400 Vac18 A7.50 kW
 MR3 400/243 x 400 Vac24 A11.00 kW
 MR3 400/303 x 400 Vac30 A15.00 kW
 MR3 400/373 x 400 Vac37 A18.50 kW
 MR3 400/423 x 400 Vac42 A22.00 kW
 MR3 400/483 x 400 Vac48 A22.00 kW
 MR3 400/613 x 400 Vac61 A30.00 kW
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