SineTamer DC Products Range

The SineTamer ST-SPT-DC devices provide the best ring wave transient protection available for a device of its type. These devices are intended for a single 12, 24, or 48 VDC circuit applications at locations feeding sensitive/critical equipment. It is extremely effective in limiting transients generated inside the facility and is an absolute must on circuits feeding critical microprocessor based equipment.
This economical device is unique in that it is designed as a stand-alone surge suppression device and requires no special enclosure when used outside an existing enclosure or cabinet. Its compact size makes installation a breeze and the warranty is the best in the industry. Add to all that, individually thermally fused MOV’s, dedicated
“all mode” Frequency Attenuation Network and completely encapsulated Optimal Response Network, and you get a device that defines effective and reliable surge suppression.

Key Features
• Discrete “All Mode” Circuitry: Directly Connected Protection Elements in “All Modes” as recommended by IEEE Std. 1100-2005
• Industry Leading Measured Limiting Voltage (let-through) Performance
• Local & Remote Diagnostics
• Independent Verification of Performance and Safety
• Component-Level, Thermal Fusing
• 10 Year Unlimited Free Replacement Warranty


The RM-VS/VT210 series was developed to answer a broad variety of demands from our customers. This device is robust enough to handle the punishment of industrial applications of up to 2000V DC while providing protection from transients that may be generated internally. The constant bombardment of this combination of transients can damage valuable equipment and waste valuable budget dollars.